Today more than ever, TIME is seeing increased success in fulfilling our mission statement, To Connect American churches with the local churches in Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico, where God is working. We are seeing national and American church partnerships grow and become lifelong relationships between people, both youth and adult.  These relationships go beyond a short-term missions’ trip and we begin to see how its more than missions. Our lives are forever changed as we love our neighbor as we love our Lord, with all our heart, soul and mind.

As we grow, our mission (what we do) is clear. Our task (how to perform our mission) is at work. Our need are workers that are ready to serve.  Rick Jacobsen who directs our leadership development team says “We at TIME realize that it takes three things to become a missionary; a desire, a calling and training.  While the desire and calling are up to God, it’s TIME’s job to handle the training to help them become Bible Centered Leaders.”

God has called us all to go and make disciples, the phrase “go ye therefore” rings in all our hearts. For TIME, this command is our responsibility. We embrace people who heard the call and feed the desire to answer that call, because we felt that call too.  Now as leaders we must follow Christ when he said it is better to give than receive and be intentional about giving away the leadership knowledge God has given us.  “Lead to Leave”

There is a real need for God centered leaders today. We have opportunities that need action. Our supply of ready leadership out paces the demand of Gods work. So, we have studied our supply of leaders, examined our capability to train bible centered leaders, and have an opportunity to train leaders formally and informally in conjunction with TIME’s on-site ministry work.

TIME is investing in Leadership Development.  We have developed a leadership training program to take our people from intern to missionary, giving them the knowledge, desire and skills to do the good work that God has prepared for them from the beginning (Ephesians 2:10).  We call this the Head (knowledge), Heart (values, beliefs, attitudes) and Hands (skill/execution) approach. We are investing in People like Carol, Keny, Tyler and Rebecca in the DR and Kike in Mexico and would to desire to develop others… Would you help?